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“Singer/guitarist Mark Vennis has recorded a sonic tribute to Portsmouth,
in the form of Uncharted Water, Faded Glory And Other Stories, telling
tales of a life lived on the other side of the Gosport ferry route...
a sort of South Coast cousin to the likes of Born To Run.”
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“They are songs about me and you, us, our society and our lives.. just
the same as in America, mirroring songs by John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen.. I believe we can all relate, whether you are in Portsmouth,
UK or my hometown of Thunder Bay, Canada.
...all together, this is good music worth checking out.”
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“An ode to the highs and lows of growing up near Portsmouth,
Portsdown Hill
is a soulful/indie rock 'n' roll track from
Mark Vennis and his band, Different Place. This is the real deal.”
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“There is a raw honestness to the album which gives it a
vibe that captures the ethos of Cash and Clash”
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